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Raise your hand if you thought bathing suits were reserved for summer and vacation. Growing up on the East Coast, I believed bathing suits were seasonal pieces, only to be worn in the hottest months or on the occasional vacation. I mean, society does a really good job at making us think bikinis are the socially acceptable version of underwear. A word of advice: unsubscribe to this logic.

I've reached the stage in my life that if I spend money on it, I'm going to wear it or use it regularly. Ignoring seasonal fashion "rules" has been one of my best creative decisions to date - when you open your mind to all possibilities, your personal style and creativity shine through. So, I've started wearing my bathing suits, especially my bikini tops, as if they were bralettes, corsets, and crop tops. Why? Because they are. And I invested in them, so I'm going to wear them. Year round.

...Same Los Angeles Bikini Top, Geo Collection

Corset-inspired tops with underwire accents have been trending. I like the look, but after some reflection, I decided I wasn't going to waste my money on a top I might wear once every three months. I thought to myself, "why buy a new top when you can just style an underwire bikini you already own?"

Here's my take on the trend. I styled two pieces already in my closet: my Same Los Angeles Bikini Top and my white button up. The curve-hugging design of the bikini top paired with a loose-fitting white button up is the epitome of structured femininity. The color and pattern of the top added a visual interest that complimented my Signed, Blake x Amazon the Drop pants, and at the end of the day, each piece stands on its own in my closet. Practicality at its finest.

...My Favorite Bikini from Amazon

String bikini tops are bras with less support and you can't convince me otherwise. So I styled my favorite Soly Hux bikini top as a bra under my vintage, Dior blazer. With a pair of track pants from Offbeat Native and my secondhand, gold-heeled sandals, I'm event- or date night-ready.

Tell me, how have you styled your bathing suits for year-round wear?

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