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At a young age, I learned from my mother that style is as eclectic and personal as you make it. Clothes possess the power to change appearances, perceptions, and moods -- and they have a symbiotic relationship with our everyday lives. I believe that my style is a way to communicate with the world around me in a language that no words could ever convey. But my style is only a piece of the pie. I've said before, there would be no without science. Yes, science.



Along with style, science and medicine have always been a part of my life. Although seemingly different, both feel natural. But it wasn't until I started working in a lab after college that it hit me --  I don't have to choose. The greatest version of myself is one where I get to be a woman, a scientist, and a creative. So often we think our careers are our end-all-be-all. But why do we have to choose? I'm here to tell you it's not about boxes and titles, it's about passion and opportunity. To be human is to be multi-capable, and our identities encompass so much more than job titles and degrees.   



Both of these worlds - style and science - have afforded me connections to my community here in Baltimore. I believe a balanced social life is a key to sanity. I believe in a sense of community. I believe in supporting people and their stories because they too, are multi-capable. So I encourage you to explore your city, engage with the people in it, and fill your life with experiences that teach lessons, provide fulfillment, and encourage elevation of both you and your community. 



I'm doing my part to change the narrative. 

I'm here to be a female scientist who takes pride in her sense of style, the relationships she has cultivated, and her engagement as a member of her community. I'm here to be uncomfortable, grow, and learn about myself and others. It's my belief that when we are true to ourselves, only then can we break stigmas and encourage elevation. 

Life's an experiment, thanks for following along with mine. 

- taylor 

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