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EYEING A SERGIO HUDSON BELT? Here are my thoughts!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

A Sergio Hudson belt is the new Gucci belt. You heard it here first. Michelle Obama walked into Inauguration in January 2020, and I instantly fell in love with the bold, contemporary, yet chic design of the wide, Sergio Hudson belt. knew I had to have one.

Fortunately for me, my birthday is in Early March, and James was thoughtful enough to gift me the leopard Sergio Hudson belt. He nailed the gift!!

Honestly, if I purchased the belt with my own money, I would have picked black or brown because I'm entirely too practical. But since the belt was a gift, I used my birthday as an opportunity to request the statement leopard belt of my dreams.

When I opened the beautiful package, I was AMAZED at the belt's quality. The buckle is brass, and the leather is thick. The belt is sturdy, heavy, and high quality, WELL worth the price tag. Speaking of price tag, the Leopard Signature Belt is $425, the Black and Brown Signature Belt's are $295.

Here are two ways I've styled my Sergio Hudson belt:

If you have questions about the belt or the investment purchase, follow me and send a message with your questions on Instagram.

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