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MY PICKS: Floating Shelves

I'm back with more Home content! It took awhile to finalize our living room, and now we're working on finishing our bedroom design. If you've been following our home design process, you know we purchased a colorful headboard and acquired a shelf desk for our bedroom. We've also added wall decor and a vintage dresser from Adorn Vintage Furniture.

While our bedroom is far from complete, we're starting to finalize the wall above our bed and headboard. I decided that the design would benefit from floating shelves, so I did a deep dive on Google looking for shelves that would fit our space constraints, weight requirements, and design aesthetic.

For reference, I felt as though we needed something on either side of our bed and sculpture. I decided on shelves, as I had an alternative idea for using mirrors in the space.

MY PICKS: Floating Shelves

I couldn't link all of my picks in this round-up, so here are some additional options I LOVE.

If you're updating your kitchen, shop our favorite French Flatware.

If you're moving to or within Baltimore, read more about how we found our current apartment.

If you love anything I've shared here, comment on this post, send to a friend, and/or feel free to recreate it with your own personal flair. For more home inspiration, check out previous posts under the AT HOME tab.

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