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MY PICKS: Sleek Indoor Trash Cans

Why are trash cans ugly?! A question I asked myself, and my IG family, when shopping for a sleek and chic trashcan for our new apartment. Well, my Instagram family came through (yet again) with suggestions, and we finally invested in a new trash can for our kitchen.

Key word: invested

Instead of hanging a trash bag from a drawer, we've invested in a simplehuman trash can! After some discussion, and saving, we purchased the 45-Liter Rectangular Liner Rim Step Trash Can. I originally wanted the trash can in Rose Gold (limited quantity and sold out when I was shopping), but we finally settled on the Silver/Stainless Steel so it would match our kitchen appliances. Either way, the trash cans are smudge-proof and sleek.

We bought the step trash can, but if you're not into step trash cans, simplehuman also has automatic options. But you're going to pay an extra ~$100 for the hands-free convenience.

My favorite things about our 45-Liter Rectangular Liner Rim Step Trash Can:

  • It's beautiful!

  • It's a great size for our apartment; fits a lot of trash without being too bulky.

  • The trash can's design ensures the bag/liner is hidden; no unsightly overhang on the outside of the can.

  • It comes with convenient storage for liners/bags that is accessible from the inside of the can; this makes replacing liners/bags efficient.

  • The lid descends slowly -- and quietly -- every time.

  • It comes with a 10 year warranty! They estimate the trashcan to last through 120,000 steps!

MY PICKS: Chic Trash Cans

Pro-tip: sign up for a Bed, Bath, and Beyond account! You can purchase a trash can through one of my links AND use a Bed, Bath, Beyond coupon to save extra $. I saved 20% on my simplehuman trash can (making it ~$100 vs. $130).

The only thing James would change about our simplehuman trash can: it's not designed for manually lifting the lid to throw our trash. Don't get me wrong, you can lift it up manually! But with the design, you'd be lifting up the whole top; this is the same process intended for replacing the liner/trash bag. The lid still descends slowly - and quietly- if you use this method. If you need a visual, watch this video.

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