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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

I share all our home updates in realtime on Instagram (follow me to stay up-to-date!), but for ease of reference and accessibility, here's a round up of our March & April Home Purchases! These are some of our MOST EXCITING purchases to date!!

ICYMI, we recently moved and are in the process of (re)decorating and transforming our apartment into our Baltimore sanctuary with a modern, mid-century modern inspired design! If you're moving in Baltimore or looking for tips on decorating small spaces, you'll want to check out posts under the AT HOME tab.

We're picky (and on budget), so I continue to document the purchases we make at our own pace. I've already shared our first 5 purchases for the apartment, as well as our mid-century inspired rug, our cordless vacuums, and our kitchen must-haves.


I put off buying a bedskirt because I wasn't sure what color or pattern would work best for our space. Together, we decided that in order to buy a bedskirt, we first needed to decide on a headboard. To ensure everything coordinates, obviously. You can keep reading to learn more about our headboard, but long story short: I bought Bare Home 15 Inch Tailored Microfiber Bed Skirt from Target ($19). It's simple, it's not ruffled, and it camouflages our bed frame, so I'm happy! We bought the color cool white to coordinate with our sheets, but there are quite a few color options for you!


We have four pillows on the bed, and I wanted printed pillow cases to coordinate with our new headboard. I'm picky, designs are tricky, but Target had a handful of options we linked. Eventually, we ordered these 400 Thread Count Pillow Cases in Metallic Blue Lattice (set of 2 for $18). If you're looking for new sheets, they also have a printed sheet set in Metallic Blue Lattice (and a variety of other patterns).


Am I the only one with prints lingering around the apartment, just waiting to be framed? We purchased prints from Way Out Visuals, Co. and a large, retro-inspired print from Society6, but I was slacking on getting them framed. I wanted thin, poster-style frames for the smaller prints (16"x20"), and I settled on three MCS Format Frames ($23.60) at Plaza Art. For the larger print (27.5"x40"), I searched high and low for a fun frame but all would cost me a small fortune. So, I settled on this poster frame from Target ($30). April brought a burst of energy, and we were able to hang them all!

For more details on the yellow couch, read FIRST 5 PURCHASES FOR OUR NEW APARTMENT.


After thorough searches of FB Marketplace and local secondhand furniture boutiques, we were unable to find a secondhand dining table that fit the needs of our space and our aesthetics. We didn't want to overwhelm our small apartment, so we decided to purchase the Walnut Lanford Dining Table via Wayfair. While I much prefer the character of vintage/secondhand, we knew this table would fit in our space and would be easy to style with our existing furniture.

Pro-tip: When assembling our table, we discovered the legs were uneven and the table, off balance. To fix, I repurposed Scotch bumpers (for drawers, etc) to even out the difference. The bumpers come in different heights (unlike felt pads) and can be used in conjunction with felt pads to keep the floor safe and the table balanced.


How are headboards so expensive?? In all honesty, I've never had a headboard before, so I quickly overlooked the price in pursuit of a bedroom that feels like a true sanctuary. We decided on a curved upholstered headboard from West Elm! We wanted color, and we got it. More pictures to come!


We also upgraded our trash situation, and I wrote a whole post dedicated to our new trashcan. Here are my picks for sleek indoor trash cans!

See how we've designed these pieces in our space by following me on Instagram.

If you're moving to or within Baltimore, you can read more about how we found our current sanctuary (apartment)!

If you love anything I've shared here, comment on this post, send to a friend, and/or recreate it with your own personal flair. For more home inspiration, check out previous posts under the AT HOME tab.

Until next time,

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