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I shared my February home updates in realtime on Instagram, but for ease of reference and accessibility, here's a round up of my February Home Purchases! ICYMI, we recently moved and are in the process of (re)decorating and transforming our small space into one that feels like home with a modern, mid-century modern inspired design.

Since we're picky (and on budget), we have made these purchases at our own pace. I've already shared our first 5 purchases for the apartment, as well as our mid-century inspired rug, our cordless vacuums, and our kitchen must-haves.


We NEEDED new pillows, and after searching around for the stiff-yet-soft options, we decided on these Wamsutta® Extra-Firm Density Standard Pillows. For pillowcases, we used the two that came with our Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set (we have the solid white and we love it).


I've been on the hunt for the perfect bedside lamp to compliment some of the black pieces we have in our bedroom, as well as a theme of brass/gold metallics. I searched for months, finding many gorgeous lamps out of our budget. When I found this LumiSource Puck Contemporary Table Lamp , I knew I found our bedside lamps! The colors are perfect and the style maintains our modern, mid-century modern aesthetic.


After we assembled our yellow couch, we felt our original coffee table was too small to be functional in our space. We didn't want every piece in our new space to be out-of-the-box from a big box store. To retain character, I wanted a vintage or secondhand coffee table that was unique and practical. I searched on Facebook Marketplace and other secondhand sellers pages, and eventually, I came across this glass + brass coffee table from A Day n June, an online secondhand shop located in Baltimore. It was exactly what we needed; the brass matched the gold accents in our living room and although a long table, the glass ensured the table wouldn't visually clutter the space.


This really isn't the most exciting of purchases, but we needed more hangers (sturdy hangers). So as I was purchasing my lamps and pillows from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I picked up this 12-pack of heavyweight hangers, , and they're a great quality for the price.

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If you're moving to or within Baltimore, you can read more about how we found our current sanctuary (apartment).

If you love anything I've shared here, comment on this post, send to a friend, and/or recreate it with your own personal flair. For more home inspiration, check out previous posts under the AT HOME tab.

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