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MY PICKS: Gold Earrings for Everyday Wear

Disclosure: All opinions are my own, however, this blog post may contain affiliate links. Please consider clicking through my affiliate links if you choose to purchase any recommended products. Revenue from affiliate links helps me run this blog. Many thanks and feel free to drop any questions in the comments!

Taylor stands in the sun wearing patterned outfit and gold and pearl hoop earrings.

Are you Team Gold or Team Silver? With my birthday approaching, I'm considering buying myself a luxury gift, a pair of gold earrings for everyday wear.

As a lover of gold jewelry, I was recently shopping for gold earrings on AUrate New York's website, and I started to reflect on my own collection of gold jewelry. Perhaps unsurprisingly, my approach to buying jewelry, especially earrings, is rooted in the practicality of versatility and everyday wear. Read more about one of my favorite pairs of earrings here.

Taylor stands on sidewalk wearing green quilted jacket wearing gold leopard head tassel earrings.

When shopping for everyday jewelry, I prioritize…

  • Quality. It’s important to me to invest in pieces I’m going to wear over and over again, therefore, I always evaluate the quality of the jewelry I’m considering purchasing. In all honesty, retailers who prioritize transparency and share quality and component specifications are more likely to get my business.

  • Understated, yet eye-catching, design. I gravitate toward jewelry that is understated, yet catches the eye through its design and combination of materials. For example, this pair of Bold Pearl Trio Hoop Earrings is both understated and unique, an eye-catching contemporary interpretation of a classic design.

  • Versatility. If purchasing pieces for everyday wear, I prefer to invest in pieces that can be worn with a variety of looks. With enough visual interest to distinguish them from your standard gold hoop earrings, this pair of wave hoops from Signed, Blake x Hoop Mobb collection is sure to match any look. Bonus: You can find my picks from the Signed, Blake x Amazon the Drop SS21 collection here.

Despite what you may think, understated, eye-catching, and versatile gold do exist. Here are some of my current favorite designs!


Do you have a favorite pair of gold earrings? Where did you purchase them? Let me know in the comments!

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