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Updated: May 3, 2019

Baltimore’s food scene is one of the most eclectic along the East Coast. Sure, we’re a little smaller than New York, but our city gets a unique set of influence from its neighbors (D.C., Philly, NYC, etc.) Most of us want good food at a cheap price, so I've collected some of what I think are the best cheap eats in Baltimore.

South of the Harbor (Federal Hill, Locust Point, Otterbein)

  • Pub Dog. A great spot for brews and pizza, Pub Dog is a solid cheap eats spot in the center of Federal Hill that even brews their own beer!

  • Blue Moon Cafe. Another Federal Hill staple, Blue Moon Cafe usually has a line outside the door waiting for their cheap eats. The food (and prices) are worth the wait!

  • Barfly’s. Looking for cocktails? Barfly’s is known for their pizza and whiskey selection with prices that are hard to beat.

Inner Harbor (Pigtown, Stadiums, Union Square, Downtown, Hollins Market)

  • Jack and Zach Food. Located off the beaten path of Historic Charles Street, Jack and Zach Food is a small eatery that specializes in breakfast + lunch. Grab a seat at the bar while you can because the cheap eats here are too good to pass up.

  • Nick’s Rotisserie. Looking for soul food? Stop into Nick’s Rotisserie for their rotisserie chicken + mac-and-cheese. You won’t be disappointed. But bring cash, the restaurant doesn’t take plastic.

  • Zella’s Pizzeria. A Hollins Market stable in SoWeBo (South West Baltimore), Zellas has it all. Pizza, drinks, art. Head in on Thursday between 11:30-4PM for $4.95 sandwiches, a true steal. Check out their other specials here.

Southeast (Canton, Fells Point, Butchers Hill, Little Italy, Patterson Park, Hopkins Medical Center)

  • Ekiben. This spot is one of the most talked about restaurants in Baltimore, yet their prices remain reasonable for all the media attention directed at the Eastern Ave spot. A true Asian fusion spot, check out their steamed buns next time you’re in Southeast Baltimore.

  • Tortilleria Sinaloa. A favorite of locals, Tortilleria Sinaloa has authentic Mexican food at an affordable price. What more could you ask for? Seriously, there’s a reason this place is such a hit!

  • Ale Mary’s. Looking for a sit-down bar vibe that doesn’t break the bank? Ale Mary’s has a killer menu with nightly specials, including Monday night “Burger and a Beer” for $8.95. And their late night drink Happy Hour is a plus too for those who plan to be out late.

Outer Southeast (Highlantown, Greektown, Hopkins Bayview)

  • Matthew’s Pizza. Yes, another pizza spot (hey, it’s cheap!) in Baltimore, except this time, it’s pan pizza style. Matthew’s has one of the most unique - some would argue the best - pie in Baltimore. And at $9, it’s hard to complain!

  • Snake Hill. Bet you didn’t know Baltimore has a sausage bar! Snake Hill has creative bar eats and the best selection of gourmet/unique sausages in the city. You can pick a sausage and two toppings for yourself or score one of their signature sandwiches for $9-10.

  • Zorba’s Bar and Grill. Located in Baltimore’s Greektown, Zorba’s is a cute restaurant serving up some of the best Greek Food in Baltimore. The quality, price point, and the portions secured Zorba’s a spot on our Cheap Eats list!

North (Hamden, Remington, Charles Village, Hopkins Homewood, Loyola, College of Notre Dame)

  • Holy Frijoles. Cheap Tex Mex and margaritas, do we need to say more? A Hampden favorite, HF is worth a visit during Happy Hour where you can find $3 Mexican drafts and $5 margaritas. We suggest pairing a drink with a $12 taco platter to make a real night of it.

  • Wyman Park Restaurant. If you’re craving a traditional breakfast - eggs, potatoes, coffee - stop by Wyman Park Restaurant. Good portions, good reviews, low prices. What’s not to love?

  • Ajumma. Serving up Korean and Asian fusion food, Ajumma is a cheap eats spot for both meat lovers & vegetarians. Lots of customers seem to order take out, so keep Ajumma on your radar next time you’re hungry and in North Baltimore!

Midtown (Mount Vernon, Bolton Hill, Station North, UB, MICA, Peabody, Reservoir Hill)

  • Kumari Restaurant and Bar. On the main drag of Historic Charles Street, Kumari has amazing Indian/Nepalese food for an affordable price. You can eat in or get the food to-go, but we suggest ordering online & picking up to get an extra 10% off your check.

  • SNAC. Midtown Baltimore is the epicenter of cafe-culture in Baltimore, and the Station North Arts Cafe helps contribute to that culture. With an array of inexpensive breakfast options and no lunch >$7.50, it’s a great options for Midtown residents looking for a working breakfast or weekend lunch. You can visit SNAC’s artsy sister Nancy on MICAs campus.

  • Dovecote Cafe. This spot is an oasis for cost-conscious, cafe lovers. Their menu also has plenty of options for vegans/vegetarians, and their quaint space is one of the most beautiful in Baltimore! Plus, their Community First, Cafe Second mission means they’re not only a business but drivers of social change.

If you're looking for more of my suggestions and experiences around Charm City, check out the posts under my SOCIAL tab.

Until next time, keep eating!



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