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Photos by Emma M. Weiss

My word for 2020 was follow-through. In January 2020, I was optimistic I could implement this word in multiple areas of my life. It's January 2021 and let me tell you, that word went out the window in March. And that's okay. Life happens, and it would be harmful to myself and others to harp on our response to a year full of confusion, loss, and emotional overload. 2020 was a hard year for all of us, filled with trauma. Despite the challenges ahead of us, I'm proud of our collective resilience.

Early in the pandemic, I learned my routine was a pillar of my mental health. I felt lost without it. Deep down, I always knew I relied on routine, but I underestimated my reliance upon it. And it wasn't until March 2020 when I started to truly appreciate how much my mental health relies upon a predictable routine. Throughout the year, I struggled to solidify a new routine for myself in a new normal. And to be frank, I gave up. With so many other concerns floating around my head, structure and routine was not one of them.

The only thing I feel like I got right in 2020 was saving money. In March, I was privileged to keep my position - and pay - as a graduate student while working from home. I didn't do much online shopping, I spent very little money aside from buying food and supporting local restaurants. With the additional help of the team at MD Invested, I achieved my primary financial goal of bulking up my emergency fund. After ensuring my emergency fund was in place as a safety net, I also opened and consistently contributed (a small amount of my paycheck) to a Roth IRA.


And that brings me to my next point. My word for 2021? CONSISTENCY. When I am consistent, I gain clarity, discipline, and confidence. Therefore, in 2021, I intend to re-build my relationship with self-discipline and rekindle my affinity for consistency.

I can't be consistent with everything, that would be an unfair and unwavering expectation of myself. So, I've selected three areas of my lifestyle in which to maintain consistency throughout 2021: cleaning, movement, and content. I'll give you a brief overview of what consistency looks like for me in these areas.


Sunday is for cleaning. I'm setting myself up for success by keeping Sunday reserved as a day dedicated to our space.


  • vacuum hardwood floors and tile (living room, bathroom, kitchen).

  • vacuum carpet and rugs (bedroom, living room).

  • wipe down countertops (kitchen).

  • clean bathroom (bathroom).

We do laundry and dishes as needed, this has become much easier with a W/D and dishwasher in our apartment. Sundays will be for cleaning of the physical space, more than the items within it.


I look at movement as a tool used to improve my mental health, not my appearance, and consistent movement improves and stabilizes my mood. I don't feel comfortable with in-person workouts (I miss pilates SO MUCH but don't feel safe enough to return at the moment). Until it gets safer, and more of the population is vaccinated for COVID-19, I'll continue to move my body at home.


  • complete Barre Forward's Virtual January Shake Off Challenge.

  • complete 500 miles of movement on treadmill in our fitness center by December 31st, 2021.

If I set very specific movement goals, I fail. So I've set a non-restrictive movement goal of 500 miles on the treadmill. Walk, inclined walk, run, jog - I will decide the type of movement that is best for me in that moment and roll with it.

Content Creation

My creative energy hit an all time high during the last six months of 2020. The lack of creating at the beginning of the year or heightened introspection rekindled my love for styling looks, and I'm determined to use my renewed creative energy as motivation for 2021.


  • schedule a photoshoot every month.

  • publish three blog posts a month.

  • post twice a week to Pinterest.

If you want to work together, reach out! I'm eager to work on new ideas to further enhance my content creation and marketing skills.

Personal Growth Goals

Whether scrolling through Instagram or relaxing on my couch, I'm reminded I'm imperfect. Everyone, including your favorite celebrity, actor, influencer, athlete, has room for personal growth.

I am striving to become a better neighbor, business owner, friend, co-worker, partner by listening, learning, and changing my behaviors. It's easy to say "I'd like to change XYZ", but it can be hard to face our own shortcomings. By writing down my personal growth goals, I am acknowledging opportunities for positive change.


  • Learn more about able-ism and un-learn ableist rhetoric.

  • Read more resources on inclusive language.

  • Challenge the meaning of "sustainability".

  • Re-learn the history of medicine and research with non-white communities.

My Vision Board

My vision board is a sneak peek of what is to come from StylishlyTaylored in 2021. It sets the tone for my creativity and accomplishments. Creativity can be both planned and spontaneous, and while this vision board captures elements of what I want to create and achieve in 2021, I believe there is a lot of subtle inspiration hidden in these words and images I have yet to discover. Every time I look at the board, I come up with a new idea, a new concept, a new vision.

Three affirmations for 2021:

I will be featured in a magazine.

I will reach 10K followers on Instagram.

I will share more science content on my Instagram and blog.

In short, I'm striving for consistency, personal growth, and affirming professional growth in 2021! There's a lot of uncertainty entering 2021, and I purposefully picked goals that can be completed at home, if necessary. If I have to create content in our apartment, I will!

Did you set intentions, goals, affirmations, pick words for 2020? Did you make a vision board? There is something really empowering about speaking your thoughts, writing your ideas, envisioning future creativity.

Keep up with my content in real time by following me on Instagram!

Until next time,


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