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In today’s world, working out of the office is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you work for a corporate office or yourself, we wouldn’t be shocked if you’ve accomplished some remote teleconferences, email blasts, or presentation prep. But in an increasingly accessible and connected world, working from coffeeshops is the new "working from home".

Yes, working from home in sweats sounds pretty appealing. But sometimes I'm more productive when I get out of the house for a scenery change…and some caffeine. Need to get out of the house to be productive too? Here are my top 10 Baltimore coffeeshops that make working remotely feel a little less like work:

  • Ceremony Coffee Roasters - Harbor Point. The minimalist and efficient feel of Ceremony’s shops promote an environment for getting sh*t done and feeling cool while doing it. They’ve got plenty of seating, special coffee blends, and lots of healthy food options to fuel your productivity.

  • R.House. A Remington staple, R.House is perfect for all your teleworking needs. With WiFi, Ground & Griddled for coffee, and a plethora of other stalls for your working-lunch, the space is a dream for those who work best out-of-home.

  • Vent Coffee Roasters. With a little less hustle-and-bustle, Vent is tucked away into the many corners of Union Collective. With plenty of parking and a quiet, secluded space, the coffeeshop lends itself to be your temporary home-office. And when the clock hits 5 o’clock? Head next door to Union Craft Brewing for a celebratory beer!

  • Pitango Bakery + Cafe. Looking for somewhere to work from home when the weather’s too nice to stay inside? Pitango Cafe, in the heart of Fells’ Point, has prime waterfront seating if you’re feeling al fresco. Their menu -- coffee and sandwiches -- don’t disappoint either.

  • Daily Grind Fells. Right around the corner from Pitango is the Daily Grind. The DG has a few other locations, but their Fells’ Point Location is also a great option for a day’s work. The exposed brick, extended seating, and chai latte’s are only 3 reasons to pop in and send some emails. Got a dog? You can stop by on your lunch break/walk and order from their dog-friendly door.

  • The Bun Shop. Located in Mount Vernon, The Bun Shop is a night-owl’s dream. The shop is tucked away on a side street; but it’s always busy with Baltimore’s best students, entrepreneurs, and creatives. If you prefer to work late into the night - or have some big deadlines - the shop is open until 3AM. Pro tip: Order a roti boy.

  • Dooby’s. Dooby’s is another one-stop-shop for a day or afternoon of work. Have morning meetings? They’re only a quick walk from downtown. And they’re serving up caffeine, Korean-American food, and booze until 8PM. What else do you need to get through the work day?

  • 3 Bean Coffee. Heading down south, 3 Bean Coffee is located on Key Highway as you enter into Federal Hill. They’ve got multiple types of seating and readily available plugs for your computer, phone, etc. If you prefer to work with scenic backgrounds, their views of the harbor are unrivaled. And their lattes are almost as beautiful as the views!

  • Bird In Hand. Situated on Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood Campus, Bird in Hand has more to offer than college vibes and cram sessions. The coffeeshop doubles as a bookstore, so if you’re looking to be productive surrounded by paperbacks, here’s your spot! The ambiance is quaint, and the shop offers spaces roomy enough for your computer (and then some!)

  • Artifact Coffee. One of Baltimore’s most-Instagrammed spots, Artifact Coffee not only lends guests with good coffee and unique vibe, but the shop also is a temporary home to those who work remotely. With plenty of parking and some seclusion on Union Ave, Artifact has a lot to offer those who aren’t going into the office.

Until next time, keep hustlin'!


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