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If you didn't already know, I wear a lot of vintage clothing. Vintage shopping is a hobby for me; success is really dependent on both luck and timing. The thrill of the hunt is addicting, and in addition to finding pieces that fit your style and your body, I find satisfaction in styling vintage pieces to look new. Who doesn't like a good challenge?

As a result of my very public endorsement of secondhand clothing on Instagram (call it whatever you will), I get a lot of:

Your questions: Where do I go vintage shopping in Baltimore?
My answer: Read this blog post!

I've created the map below to make shopping vintage easier for those of you interested. I'm secretly hoping it will also convince some of your on-the-fencers to get out there and check out the vintage options in Baltimore.

Retro-inspired look with vintage pieces.

I styled the outfit pictured above to be intentionally-retro, but I love putting together new outfits with old pieces. Trendy doesn't have to mean new -- and there are plenty of ways to make vintage pieces fit into current trends.

There's a stigma about secondhand at which my generation is slowly chipping away. The internet has made it easier to execute more sustainable fashion choices -- and you can read more about this in my previous post about How To Shop for Style and Sustainability. I've also have detailed my Top 5 Tips for Shopping Vintage!

I hope these resources serve as motivation and assistance in shopping for 1) a more sustainable closet 2) pieces with personality and 3) creating one-of-a-kind looks.


Unfortunately, vintage styles are hard to find/link to on my platforms, but I do try to find similar styles to share. If you're loving a piece, leave a comment or DM me, and I will try to find something similar!

Have any more questions about vintage in Baltimore? Know another shop but it's not on this map? Drop me a comment and I'll do my best to answer/update!

Looking for more style inspiration? Be sure to check out looks featured on my Instagram, FREQUENTLY WORN items, and WISHLISTS. As always, you can keep up with my everyday looks and adventures over on Instagram!

Until next time, shop vintage!


Retro series shot by Phyllis Langley for Way Out Visual Co. Find more work on wayoutvisual.co.

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