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I have officially entered my Clog Era. Closed-toe shoes are a requirement for working in lab, but do you have to sacrifice fashion for functionality? NOPE. Cue the clogs!

I'll be honest, I used to think clogs were grouchy and dated. Then, I serendipitously acquired these custom, handmade SVEN clogs. Not ONLY do they protect my feet from chemicals and the rain (yes, they're waterproof), they give me a few extra inches. They've given me a new perspective, both physically and metaphorically.

Despite loving the way the clogs fit my feet, I struggled with how to style them. With jeans? With a skirt? With a dress?

To date, my favorite pairing is clogs + this coordinating Adam Lippes cotton shirt dress. The green of the clogs really pulls out the green in the dress' abstract floral print, and the dress really makes the clogs pop. The perfect look for a sunny weekend coffee date with Deckle!

Find dress details HERE.


Love my dress? It's rented!

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