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SHOP MY PICKS: Day-to-Night Flats

Sometimes all I look forward to after a long day at work is a date night, a night out with friends at a dinner, event, or happy hour. We've all been there. But I can get a "blah" feeling that dampens my mood when my outfits for said after-work plans are less-than-cute.

Why is day-to-night style so hard to attain? One reason work-to-play style is challenging: "appropriate" for work is relative to your workplace and is likely to differ for everyone. Integrating that with the personal style for play makes it hard to marry the two on a daily basis. Additionally, if you're a public-transportation commuter like me, you don't always have the luxury or desire to carry an extra bag with a change of shoes from work to your plans. Honestly, just having my purse feels like a lot.

You all JUMPED on the idea of a blog post on day-to-night footwear when I proposed it on on Instagram Stories (always appreciate your feedback!), so I did all the leg work on ShopStyle. I collected some of my favorites in multiple categories - heels, boots, sneakers - but this post is to share my FLATS selections with you!


When curating this list of flats, I looked for four things:

  1. Workplace versatility. Different workplaces have different expectations. I selected a variety of pieces that take environment, corporate to everyday casual, into account. Most of these can transcend multiple workplaces and can be paired with a suit set, skirt, chinos, or jeans. Some of these pieces - like the $87 Schutz flats - probably work better for relaxed, casual workplaces. Conversely, the $79 Jessica Simpson flats have a silver embellishment giving them an elevated feel suited for all workplaces, but especially corporate spaces.

  2. Textiles. If you look at this list as a whole, you will see a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. That was intentional. The composition of a shoe is really important in the message it conveys when styled with other pieces. If you feel like a heel is too elevated in style (or height, lol), you can play with the details of the shoe. Elements of visual interest - animal print, cutouts, color - are a great way to take a shoe from meetings to Manhattans.

  3. Sleek, elongating design. Another way for shoes to easily transition from day-to-night is to adopt properties of a heel. Although these shoes may be flat, most have a sleek, pointed design that helps to elongate you without the height.

  4. Price. Not everyone wants to spend a paycheck on a pair of shoes - and you don't have to. Good shoes aren't cheap but they certainly don't have to be expensive. I have a pair of Schutz shoes, and I think they're worth the money (~$80). If you're a fashionista on a budget, consider yourself covered. I made this list considering a variety of price points!

I hope you like some of my selections! It's fun picking out practical pieces for you all and channel my inner #personalstylist!

Next up: Day-to-Night Heels

Have a suggestion for a SHOP MY PICKS? And idea for a STYLE blog post? Drop me a comment and I'll do my best to cover it!

Looking for more style inspiration? Be sure to check out looks from my Instagram, FREQUENTLY WORN items, and WISHLISTS. As always, you can keep up with my everyday looks and adventures over on Instagram!

Until next time, stay stylish (day and night!)




Kristi Stevens
Kristi Stevens
Jul 26, 2019

I too have struggled with this. Thankfully I carry big bags and usually store a pair of heels. Can't wait to see what you share for the day-to-night heels!


Vanessa Ulrich
Jul 21, 2019

These are such great tips! I love the black patent pair, those would be great for my office and I love the touch of shine for after work play.


Colleen Shenk
Colleen Shenk
Jul 20, 2019

I love those Jessica Simpson ones with the ankle straps! Day to night is definitely so tough. I always love sticking with a sleek flat. Great picks Tay!

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