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It's *almost* my birthday! It's hard to believe I'll be 28 in just under two weeks. I feel like my 20s have flown by, but the other day, I told James: "I feel like I'm becoming the woman I'm supposed to be, embracing my talents and unique perspective."

I hardly ever celebrate myself with gifts, I'm just too practical. I buy myself stuff I need or will use frequently. This mindset is definitely rooted in previous financial trauma, but I'm learning to spend money on myself when I can afford it. Fortunately, this year I could afford to buy items for our new apartment, as well as a gift to celebrate life, and another year around the sun.

What did I buy? Statement boots of course! If you follow me on Instagram, you know statement boots are my thinggggg. Teal snakeskin, yellow snakeskin, I have so much fun incorporating statement boots into contemporary, unique looks. I consider them investment pieces in my wardrobe!

When I saw these gold INC Paiton Block-Heel Boots on Macy's website, I had to have them. Sadly, the gold boots were sold out in my size. (FYI: Reviews suggest you size up in INC boots.) They are available in gold, black, snakeskin, and fuchsia. So I watched....and watched....and watched the inventory for about a month. Finally, late January the boots came back in stock in the specific size I needed. I took advantage of the opportunity and bought these golden beauties!

So far, I've styled them with my brown sweater dress layered with a vintage, Escada blazer and Hanifa Miya Knit Cardigan dress:


Do you own a pair of statement boots? How do you style them?

My other pairs of statement knee-high boots are colored snakeskin. The neutral metallic of this gold pair is unique, yet versatile. I can't wait to style the color and texture in new ways!

If you feel inspired, comment on this post, share on Pinterest, send to a friend, and/or recreate it with your own personal flair. For more style inspiration, check out my previous looks under the STYLE tab. You can keep up with my everyday looks by following me on Instagram!

Until next time,


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