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How lucky am I that I get to share my passions with my partner? To be fair, we also have distinctly unshared interests as a couple (for James, it's cars - for me, it's working out.) When it comes to styling, however, we both share a love for piecing together outfits. We also share a love of food, the experience of fine dining, and quoting The Office. I wasn't sure I'd ever find a man who was kind, caring, well spoken with a polished sense of style. Yet, here we are.

You may be familiar with my love for style -- but what you may not know is that James worked at Nordstrom for a time. Cue his customer service and custom suits. Did I mention he used to have a menswear Instagram??

According to his mom, he's always has an eye for style. He's a natural creative, and when it comes to styling looks, I never have to worry about what he'll wear. I've been wanting to shoot more couple looks, but his current position as a chef doesn't allow him many days off. So I was ecstatic when he agreed to shoot Holiday photos with me on a *morning* off. I had mentally picked out my outfit weeks in advance, but I wasn't sure of his schedule. But as always, James makes sure I have everything I need, everything I want.

His only question was "What do you want me to wear?"

The only direction I provided was "Your blue suit! P.S my jumpsuit is red."


Glasses - Barton Perreira via Annapolis Opticians

HIS: Suit is custom Hart Schaffner Marx via Nordstrom Men.

HERS: Jumpsuit is Retrofete, rented through my Rent the Rent Unlimited membership.

Honestly, joining Rent the Runway Unlimited is one of the greatest things I've done for myself this year. When I look good, I feel good. And who doesn't want to have a revolving closet of designer clothes?

Want to try out Rent the Runway Unlimited for yourself?

Here's $100 off your RTR Unlimited.

Questions? Feedback? Want to know where something is from? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Follow along on Instagram for more couple's style inspiration and relationship shenanigans. Offline, I'm thankful for James everyday.

Until next year,

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