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Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Casual style, what does it mean? Loafers instead of heels? 3-inch instead of 5-inch heels? Sweatpants and a hoodie?

To me, casual is a relative term. My casual looks tend to be jeans + a t-shirt/sweater. Likely, your definition of casual style is different than mine. That's what makes it personal!

While I post a lot of style inspiration, I realized I default to styling looks to inspire your workwear and retro-made-modern needs. While workwear and retro-inspired styles are 100% a part of my personal style, I made it a point to style more casual looks in 2021. Taylor's version of casual.

In the name of versatility, I wanted to style two very different casual looks by switching out my outerwear, jacket for jacket. Which one is more your style: sequin jacket or plaid shacket?



Outfit Details:

Would you believe I found these vintaqe, straight-leg Levi's at a Goodwill in the Pocono's Mountains for $3? THREE DOLLARS. In fact, my mom had a pair JUST like them. Like mother, like daughter. These jeans have been a staple in my closet for 4+ years and always seem to fit. Yet another piece of evidence that you don't need to spend a lot to get a lot out of your clothes.

If you're inspired by these looks, share on Pinterest, send to a friend, and/or recreate it with your own personal flair. Don't forget to tag me! For more style inspiration, shop my Instagram and check out my previous looks under the STYLE tab.

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Until next time,

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