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Just like that, the first two months of 2018 are complete! March is an eventful month in my life for a handful of reasons. The third month of the year houses my birthday, St. Patrick's Day, and the first sightings of Spring weather - all reasons for celebration in my book! P.S. March is also when I found out I got into grad school, yet another reason to celebrate!

Therefore, when I was brainstorming March's posts, my brain immediately went to local products I love for.....celebrating! Baltimore is home to a lot of local liquor; and what I incorporate into my celebrations is dependent upon my mood. Everyone has his/her own preferences, so I've made sure to include different types of liquors, styles of beers, and a great option for cocktail mixer.

Next time you head to a happy hour or dinner party, opt for a local liquor or Baltimore brew. Why? To support your city and the community members creating amazing products intended for your enjoyment! We'd be doing them a disservice by not capitalizing on it, right? Logic.

Although I limited this list to 7 products, there are way more products out there for you to enjoy -- and even more reasons to celebrate life! Have a great day at work? Cook dinner without setting off the fire alarm? Relish in the little victories with one of my other honorable mentions likely to pop up in a future 7 Local Products post: 1) any brew from Monument City or 2) a bottle of wine from Boordy Vineyards (my favorite set is their Chesapeake Series)!

While you're at it, you should Taylor Your Travels For: These 10 Baltimore Breweries. Still want Balti-more? Be sure to follow along with my celebrations in real time on Instagram, @stylishlytaylored!

Until next time, drink locally. and RESPONSIBLY! 21+ only please.



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