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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Dress, Solace London

I don't follow a ton of brands on Instagram. I can't keep up with every sale, every piece they release. The brands I do follow? They all have one thing in common: pattern. As I scrolled through my IG Feed, I realized I'm drawn to brands that prioritize clean lines, retro vibes, and unique patterns.

Monochromatic looks are chic, bold colors are eye-catching, but nothing compares to a chic pattern. So, here are my favorite contemporary brands that have perfected patterns:

Lisa Says Gah houses a collection of new and independent brands alongside the brand's namesake label oozing color, print, and structured femininity. I'm currently obsessed with their printed sets - they're labeled as pajamas but anything goes in 2020 .

If you love dresses with bold, clashing patterns and a feminine flow, look no further. Never Fully Dressed's patterns are full of personality and their pieces are versatile for styling. You can find my review of my first purchase here.

House of Sunny's prints are the 70s vibes you've always dreamed of - colorful, subtle, yet bold. Cow pants, disco two piece sets, and the Lillipads dress worn by Kendall Jenner herself. House of Sunny has been all over Instagram, worn by the likes of @zoelaz and @greceghanem.

Kina & Tam are bringing a childish whimsy to street style. Personally, I love their quirky sweaters and vests, perfect for effortless Summer or layered Fall style.

Designed to make you feel like a 90s supermodel, Sidway swimwear's designs have perfected uniquely chic patterns perfect for lounging by the pool, laying out at the beach, and anything in between.


I can confidently say I am obsessed with looks produced by PatBO. The femininity, the cut outs, the structure, the colors, the patterns, the vibe! Every time I see their bold patterns I'm transported to a beach, a luxurious destination. I dream about the day I head on vacation with a suitcase of PatBO looks.

The thing I love about patterns is their versatility when it comes to styling. Pair with solids, neutrals to play them down, make them pop. Pair them with other patterns for a playful, high-end look with clashing colors. If you feel inspired, comment on this post, share on Pinterest, send to a friend, and/or recreate it with your own personal flair. Don't forget to tag me!

For more style inspiration, check out my previous looks under the STYLE tab and follow me on Pinterest! Keep up with my everyday looks by following me on Instagram.

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