Break stigmas,

encourage elevation.


To be a woman is to be multi-capable. As a scientist, a student, a stylist, a creative, a daughter, I believe there are no boxes or bins, only passion and opportunity.

This website is my testament to anyone who feel limited by titles. Interests aren't mutually exclusive -- and anything that fulfills you and your life is worth pursuing. Together, we can break

stigmas and encourage elevation. 


Taylor Evans is a Ph.D. candidate, model, and the founder of Stylishly Taylored. She is a digital content creator, based in Baltimore, MD, who focuses on meaningful style, science, and social content. Taylor believes that personal style is a tool to empower, science is knowledge, and social awareness is a tenant of community. Taylor shares mission-driven, authentic content to educate her community. She is eager to break stigmas and showcase that both technical and creative skills, when used together, can inspire and drive change. 



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