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Back in September 2017, I made my first trip to the West Coast. The six-hour flight was nothing short of breathtaking and eye-opening, and I remained in a constant state of infatuation as I explored Downtown Portland. Unfortunately, I lost 99% of my photos from the trip due to the death of my iPhone and my own stupidity for not backing up my iPhone. Although I lack pictures from each adventure, I wanted to share all of my favorite stops from out long weekend out West.

We spent most of our time in the NE area of the city, staying two blocks off of Alberta Street in an Airbnb. Join Airbnb with this link and get $55 toward your first trip. We had planned some hikes and sightseeing trips outside of the city beforehand, and in our downtime, I did a lot of walking. One of the things I was most eager to share with you all was the "Cafe Crawl" I did, but you'll have to trust me that all the coffeeshops I tagged are AMAZING!

Other highlights from the trip:

We were lucky enough to visit the area before the tragic forest fires destroyed so much of this gorgeous land. I was so sad when I heard about the fires, I couldn't imagine such stunning landscapes being swallowed by flames. But it was a timely reminder that these environments are not only home to trees, plants, and animals, but people and businesses. And therefore should always be treated with respect.

Have you been to Portland? Have any other favorites? I'm planning a return trip to Portland (with other West Coast stops including Seattle and Vancouver) so I'd love to know what I should check out for PDX Round 2! Let me know in the comments below!

Check out my TRAVEL tab for other suggestions on where to Taylor your travels! You can also follow along with my adventures in real time over on Instagram, at @stylishlytaylored!

Until next time, keep exploring!



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