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A quick drive from Baltimore, Lancaster has a plethora of cultural and culinary offerings for visitors. And it just so happens to be my hometown. I'm giving you an insider's guide to my favorite spots in the 717.

Unlike a lot of people I know living in Baltimore, I did not grow up in Maryland. I've bounced around in my young adult life; I went to college in Western NY at RIT, and now I reside in Baltimore. Nonetheless, I've always called Lancaster, PA home because it was where I was born and raised. My mom still lives there, and in a serendipitous set of events, my best friend from college actually moved to Lancaster after graduation!

I don't go back as often as I'd like, but Lancaster is responsible for much of who I am today (and what is today, to be frank.) A city of small businesses and locally-sourced produce with a slow-paced environment focused on quality over quantity, Lancaster County is a place I think everyone should take the time to visit. From Amish farms and rolling countryside to downtown Lancaster and Lititz's Main Street, it's got something for anyone and everyone. After a lot of positive feedback from you all, I compiled a list of my favorite places (food, drink, coffee, attractions, vintage shops) in Lancaster to help you curating a fulfilling day or weekend trip!

I got some requests about spots with outdoor seating during warmer months; the locations with a star for a logo all have outdoor seating options!

Have you ever been to Lancaster? What did you think? Any places or activities you loved that weren't included on this map? Visiting and want specific suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

Check out more of my adventures to find more suggestions on where to Taylor your travels by visiting the TRAVEL tab under ALL POSTS. And be sure to follow along with my experiences in real time over at @stylishlytaylored!

Until next time, keep exploring!



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