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Updated: Aug 24, 2019

When I first moved to Baltimore, I strived to immerse myself in the culture that is Charm City. I've told you a little about the history behind Stylishly Taylored, but upon first moving to Baltimore, I was really nervous. I didn't know anyone in the city. I mean, I hardly knew anyone in the state of Maryland.

I was blown away (and intimidated) by the Maryland pride I witnessed around every corner. You have to admit it’s pretty admirable. But with so many lifelong Maryland residents living in Baltimore, I started questioning how I fit into this puzzle-of-a-new-place.

"Will I ever feel like a true Baltimorean?" Well, I wasn’t born and raised here, but it's through blogging that I became comfortable in my new home. Through writing and Instagram, I met bloggers who, like myself, weren't raised in Baltimore; and I soon learned that most of them have been in the city for 5+ years. I’ve been lucky to find friends with whom I could identify and who accept me for me.

Now that I’ve been in Baltimore for three years (and just committed to another ~6 years for graduate school), I can proudly say I’m feeling fulfilled both personally and professionally. Over the past three years, my fellow bloggers have become some of my closest friends because we spend so much time together. At events. Drinking cocktails. Telling stories. Sharing meals.

Through it all, I’ve learned the appeal of an authentic crab feast, the importance of sharing experiences with friends, and the charm of Charm City. So I’m preparing for summer the best way I know how with one of the best friends I’ve made through this world of blogging, a cookout with Rachel from LikeTheTeaEats!

One of my favorite things about summertime in the city is the excuse to be outside, hangout with friends, and get a break from my experiments in a research lab to experiment with new recipes! Since Rachel and I met through food + lifestyle blogging in Baltimore, it only seemed appropriate to team up to showcase innovative ways we’re including OLD BAY in our summer celebrations.

Summer Strawberry OLD BAY-lsamic Cocktail

Difficulty level: Easy

Prep time: 5 minutes

Yield: 1 cocktail


  • 1.5 parts vodka, or liquor of choice

  • 2 parts Le Monade Strawberry Balsamic Shrub

  • 1.5 parts lemon seltzer

  • ⅛ cup OLD BAY Seasoning

  • ⅛ cup granulated sugar

  • Sliced cucumber, for garnish

  • Grated lemon rind , for garnish


  1. Combine equal parts OLD BAY Seasoning and granulated sugar.

  2. Wet rim of serving glass with water and dip into the mixture so rim is completely covered.


  1. Shake vodka and strawberry balsamic shrub, and strain over ice into serving glass.

  2. Top off cocktail with lemon soda water.

  3. Garnish with sliced cucumber and grated lemon rind.

  4. Enjoy!

  5. Optional: Repeat steps 1-4 for a real good time.

When I first moved here, I never imagined Stylishly Taylored would blossom into something so influential. I never imagined I would make friends like Rachel. And I certainly never would’ve imagined I would feel so at home working with quintessential Baltimore brands like McCormick Spice, highlighting innovative ways to use the kitchen staple OLD BAY.

I’m an advocate for an experience-driven relationships. With food, with friends, with ourselves. And I’m happy OLD BAY provided me with this opportunity to create new memories and showcase how I curate purposeful summer experiences; and how we, as a community, can do the same with people in our Baltimore lives.

So tell me, what food-experiences are you curating with the seasoning? How are you including OLD BAY in your Charm City summer? At a cookout? In a cocktail? There are so many possibilities!

If you’re looking for more recipes, be sure to follow OLD BAY on their social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for inspiration!

Check out more of my summertime friendly kitchen creations - perfect for entertaining - under the SOCIAL Tab.

As always, keep up with the adventures, food, and fun in real time over on my Instagram!

Until next time, keep loving local.



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