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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Personal style is, well, personal. I respect others' choices when it comes to clothes, and I understand my style is going to come across as "different" to some. I'm cool with that. Above all, I champion creativity in personal style. That being said, I'm only human, and I do have some style pet peeves.

For me, there's a fine line between being respectful vs. disliking others' style. Most of the time, I respect what others' wear even if it's not something I would wear myself. Respect, the world needs more of it. There are a handful of things I do dislike when it comes to style. So I've decided to share my three pet peeves. They span beyond a certain "style" or "aesthetic", rather they relate to the fit, practicality, and branding of a look.

My Style Pet Peeves

  1. FITTED CLOTHES THAT DON'T FIT. I will say I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to the fit of clothes. Let me clarify: This pet peeve isn't inherently against the "oversized" look if that's what you are intentionally after. Rather, if you're intentionally wearing fitted clothes, please make sure they fit you. Men, please get your suits fitted. Women, make sure your dress pants look like dress pants. I can spot an ill-fitting suit from across a room and nothing makes me more frustrated. Seldom do looks fit off of a hanger; go and get that look tailored PLEASE. Fitted clothes that aren't appropriate look sloppy and communicate the wrong message. If you don't take your fit (and yourself) seriously, how can you expect someone else to?

  2. OPEN TOED SHOES IN WINTER. But like why?? The only version of this I am slightly ok with is when chunkier, open toed shoes are paired with stockings or socks. You regain some practicality and earn innovation points. Otherwise, STICK TO CLOSED TOED SHOES IN WINTER. Winter looks are heavy and dense; there is thicker fabric and more of it. Open toed shoes contrast this but take away from Winter styles in my opinion. It reminds me of college, trying to look "cute" even when it's 20F outside. College was a safe space to make mistakes, leave that look in Freshman Year. Not as cute as an adult, trust me.

  3. TOO MANY LOGOS. I have strong feelings about this one. I grew up in the era of t-shirts littered with seagulls, "CALIFORNIA", and moose. My back-to-school shopping was focused on brands and logos instead of the fit of my clothes. Looking back, I don't regret it. We all go through the "blend in" phase before we really learn to stand out. Graphic tees are fine, I wear them for weekend looks. But with too many brand logos and words, I lose interest. What are you trying to prove? Can the style not speak for itself? Looks littered with logos as an adult are no-go for me. Call me traditional, I am.

What are your Style Pet Peeves?

I asked followers to submit THEIR Style Pet Peeves on my Instagram, and there were quite a few! Here are your responses:

  • ...when people don't put effort into their outfit.

  • ...keyholes.

  • ...cap sleeves.

  • ...colored stockings.

  • ...keeping suit jackets buttoned.

  • ...when your jeans hit at a weird length with booties, event when cuffed.

  • ...ugly shoes.

  • ...when prints don't line up on the seam.

  • ...chunky white sneakers. (x3, this one was popular!)

  • ...wearing loafers without socks.

  • ...wrinkles!

  • ...logo overload.

  • ...horizontal lines.

  • ...see through yoga pants.

  • ...dirty flats.

  •'s sunglasses with white frames.

  • ...sandals and socks.

  • ...boxy cut items.

  • ...when all shirt options are crop tops.

  • combinations of prints/sleeve options (if you love a pattern, there are limited options for items in that pattern.)

  • ...boring flats.

  • ...lack of pattern creativity.

  • ...wearing leggings as pants, without covering the rear.

  • ...side boob on yoga bras/bralettes

Do you share any of these pet peeves with other followers?? There are a few that I can agree with (bolded) but personally give them a respectful "you do you" designation rather than labeling them a true pet peeve.

If you feel inspired, comment on this post, share on Pinterest, send to a friend, and/or recreate it with your own personal flair. Don't forget to tag me! For more style inspiration, check out my previous looks under the STYLE tab and follow me on Pinterest! Keep up with my everyday looks by following me on Instagram.

Until next time,


4 comentários

Kristi Stevens
Kristi Stevens
30 de nov. de 2019

This was a fun blog post to read! I like seeing everyone's responses!


Vanessa Ulrich
16 de nov. de 2019

I am SO WITH YOU on these - especially the need to get things tailored. I laughed hard at “when prints don’t line up on the seam” because that gets me too!


Sahra Schukraft Brandt
Sahra Schukraft Brandt
16 de nov. de 2019

omg WRINKLES are one of my biggest pet peeves! Jesus people, get a steamer!

XO Sahra

Que Sera Sahra


Colleen Shenk
Colleen Shenk
15 de nov. de 2019

I loved this! So interesting to hear people’s different opinions on style and what one might deem “respectable”. I am also WITH YOU on ill fitting clothing, especially suits.

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