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TAYLOR YOUR TRAVELS: Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

I recently did an Instagram takeover of the @lightcitybmore account to highlight how to ‘taylor’ your 2018 Light City experience to ensure it’s one for the books — as well as tell you why you should consider booking a room. With so many activities centered in Downtown Baltimore, as well as over 14 neighborhoods for 2018’s festival, Light City is the perfect excuse to turn a weeknight into a celebration of more than just lights and innovation.

With busy schedules and limited time, staycationing has become a really trendy phenomenon that gives you a way to escape the daily routine without having to venture too far from home (both time and money!)

Visit Baltimore, a great resource for anyone visiting or living in Charm City, has put together a list of hotel packages that you can take advantage of during the festival — and for any other special occasion you may be celebrating! One of the hotels featured on this list is one of my favorites, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco located on Historic Charles Street.

I’ve talked to you before about the Hotel Monaco Baltimore after attending an event at B&O Brasserie, the hotel’s restaurant and one of my favorite’s in Baltimore. But the restaurant is just one of the many reasons why this Kimpton hotel is worth a staycation!

The hotel is nestled inside Baltimore’s old B&O Railroad Headquarters; and honestly, the interior of the hotel is worth a visit on it’s own. Marbles staircases and crystal chandeliers greets guests in the ground floor lobby while a complimentary wine hour welcomes guests from 5-6PM every day.

I’m a big fan of the wine hour because it helps both vacation and staycation guests unwind after a long day of traveling and/or work. When I arrived to the hotel for my staycation, I missed wine hour because I had to stay late at work as well as run a few errands before settling in for the evening. I was a little sad about missing a good excuse to just sit and relax. To my surprise, the front desk at the Hotel Monaco was extremely accommodating and offered me a ticket for a glass of wine down at the B&O Brasserie bar. When I told you the hotel was hospitable, I meant it.

And it only gets better. When I got up to my room, the hotel was sweet enough to have left me more wine (a girl can't complain) and a snack board filled with some of my favorite snacks! After pouring a glass, spending about an hour in the jacuzzi tub located in the Mediterranean Spa Suite, I posted up in bed for some much-needed relaxation and disconnection.

One of the other big perks about Hotel Monaco Baltimore for anyone looking to staycation in Downtown Baltimore is their pet-friendly environment. The hotel welcomes pets of all shapes and sizes for no additional costs and provides amenities so that your furry, feathery, and/or scaly friends will feel right at home.

Why I think this is important: If you have a pet, you may be inclined to stay home after the thought of staycationing because you can’t/don’t want to leave anybody behind. I get it, they’re family! Kimpton makes it really easy to take a staycation because of the pet-centric accommodations they provide. Think about it as a vacation for the whole family!

Speaking of the whole family, the Hotel Monaco is kid-friendly as well. Although I flied solo on this staycation, you can read more about their family-friendly accommodations for Light City. The festival is so interactive, with a plethora of activities in which kids can engage, making Light City a perfect family activity. It’s important you pick a similar environment for your staycation.

After you’re checked into your home for the night, pets and kids are settled, and the adults have had a glass of wine (or three), it’s time to explore! The hotel is in a prime location for walking around the harbor and throughout the Downtown area; if you’re headed to the Light City installments over toward Fells Point and Canton, the hotel has loaner bikes to give an eco-friendly and quicker alternative for your urban explorations!

Light City is also offering discounted LYFT rides for festival goers — use code 'LIGHTCITY18' for $5 off your first two LYFT rides from Hotel Monaco to any of the amazing light displays or Labs @ Light City!

Ready to make a celebration out of Light City? Click HERE to book your staycation at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco!

Have you ever stayed at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Baltimore? Or any of Kimpton's 66 hotels throughout 35 cities? Thoughts? If you have suggestions on other Kimpton residences to check out, let me know in the comments! If you feel inspired, comment on this post, share on Pinterest, send to a friend. Don't forget to tag me!

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Photography courtesy of, @wayoutvisuals.


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