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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

So I'm not sure how/why I waited so long to shop on Poshmark. If you've been following me for a little while, then you know the website aligns quite perfectly with my philosophy and approach to personal style: unique and/or vintage pieces with the sustainability of buying secondhand. I've lucked out and found a few phenomenal pieces (with a handful more on my wishlist.)

It's really easy to elevate secondhand pieces if you purchase quality items and style them correctly. This post, along with reiterating stylish sustainability, is here to help give you some more insight in how to shop Poshmark, how to style pieces, and answer some of the questions YOU all ask me on Instagram!

The Basics

First thing's first: you need to know how Poshmark works. Here's a Guide from their website, but if you're looking to BUY from Poshmark, I suggest reading this page: Shop the Best Items First!

The whole premise of the site is that users have "closets" that contain clothing for sale or trade. There are also boutiques that sell items, as opposed to individual people. Those items can be vintage (VTG), gently used, NWT (new with tags), or show signs of wear. The key to capitalizing on the potential of Poshmark is to understand what you're looking for and why you're looking for it.

If you're looking for vintage pieces, make sure you're using the term "vintage" in your search field and always comment asking for current pictures of pieces (even if not provided.) You don't want to buy something and find out it's not what you had in mind in terms of condition!

Poshmark is also a great option for those of you looking for current pieces - never worn or lightly used. I recently bought a few pairs of jeans off of the site because I needed new jeans for day-to-day wear in lab. Sizing can be variable between brands - so be sure to pay attention to provided measurements (inches, cm). And if they aren't provided, ask! Again, you want to make sure things fit you properly, so you'll need to have a general idea of your measurements.

How I Styled:

Vintage Gucci Clutch

JLN, Sam Edelman Snakeskin Boots

Gently-used, Nine West Snakeskin Sandals


Q: How do you know which items are legitimate?

A: Good question! I pride myself on being pretty good at investigating these types of things, but it also requires you to be proactive. First off, trust your gut. If the sale looks too good to be true, it might be. If it's a luxury item, comment and ask about authenticity. Otherwise, if there are photos of the condition of the item, I tend to trust that it's not going to show up looking horrid. I haven't been wrong yet. In general, it's in your best interest to be weary/critical for expensive pieces; but I tend to find most Posher's are good-natured and aren't trying to take advantage of you.

Q: How do you tell how vintage jeans will sit on your body? Are there certain pairs you look for?

A: Also very good question. I started buying vintage jeans after trying them on in person, so I have an awareness of what styles of vintage jeans fit well on my body. I have a smaller waist, but a girl's got thighs. That being said, I know high-waisted jeans (I have two pairs of Levi's) are best for my shape. To make sure you're buying vintage jeans that are flattering and fitting, I suggest you 1) go to your local Goodwill or vintage store and TRY ON vintage jeans to get a better idea about the style and sizing that works well on your figure and 2) take your measurements. A lot of items on Poshmark have measurements (or will measure items if you comment asking for them), so you know what will/will not fit your waist/hips/thighs.

Q: What are your favorite closets?

A: @coolleen has chic, on trend pieces; @therealposhwife has vintage pieces & affordable custom denim shorts; @goinstrumental has amazing repurposed, vintage Levi's (and is from Annapolis!)

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment on this post or shoot me a message on IG (@stylishlytaylored). I look forward to highlighting some more of my vintage & Poshmark purchases for you all in the near future!

Also, if you're interested in shopping MY closet, you can find gently used pieces HERE.

If you're looking for more sustainable looks, heck out my Wandering Wardrobe to see how I’ve styled my secondhand finds! And as always, keep up with my everyday looks and adventures over on Instagram!

Until next time, keep second-handing!




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