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While it's almost Valentine's Day, I'm not interested in giving date inspiration or gift ideas. Instead, I wanted to remind you pink and red, while romantic, aren't reserved for February. On the contrary, hues of red and pink have become a popular, year-round color combination.

Popularized by designers such as Christian Siriano and Kate Spade, the combo is equal parts bright, chic, and powerful. Red and pink looks are all over Rent the Runway; my personal favorite is this Marchesa Notte, Two Tone Mikado Gown. The gown retails for $895, but you can rent it for $0 with a RTR subscription. Use this Iink for $30 off your first Rent the Runway order.

When this color combination first emerged, I wasn't so sure it was 'for me'. Whatever that means. That all changed when I was shopping Poshmark for a secondhand version of Christian Siriano's Colorblock Slip Dress. I spotted a similar slip dress with a ruffle detail running down the color block seam, and I was sold. I loved the designer pieces I saw floating around Instagram, but I loved the unique ruffle detail (and secondhand price tag) even more.

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Shot by Emma Weiss

I've styled this dress a few different ways since its debut in my closet. Most recently, I layered the dress over a blue, vintage cashmere sweater. The color combo was perfection, my favorite styling of the dress to date.

I often see pink and red paired with white, ivory, or black to enhance the softness of the colors. If you're a dedicated reader, you know I tend to stray away from ultra-feminine styling. This is why I love the blue. It tones down the stereotypical femininity of the red-pink combo, creating a contemporary, romantic and powerful look. Structured femininity at its finest.

Style tip: If you think pink and red feels too "Valentine's Day", avoid pairing the colors with light pink, white, or black. Try adding in a third rich hue like an indigo blue or dark green.

To personalize the look, I added my vintage white belt, my white leather Tabitha Simmons booties, and my mom's pink earrings. When I got cold, I layered my Maeve needlepoint bomber jacket from Anthropologie at Mall in Columbia.

The final touch? A secondhand, fuchsia scarf tied into a bow around the turtleneck. Adding the scarf was a spur of the moment decision. I initially selected the scarf because it had blue accents, complementing the sweater layered under the slip dress. However, it quickly dawned on me I was also likely drawn to the scarf because fuchsia sits at the intersection of pink and red. The scarf added complementary depth, texture, and pattern to the look without detracting from the romance of the color trio.


Do you own any pink and red?

If so, shop your closet and get creative. Challenge yourself to style the pieces in a new way: add in a third color, play with texture, use accessories to personalize the look!

If no, I hope I've inspired you to see the color combination as versatile and chic. Shop a variety of my pink & red picks here.

If you feel inspired, comment on this post, share on Pinterest, send to a friend, and/or recreate it with your own personal flair. Don't forget to tag me! For more style inspiration, check out my previous looks under the STYLE tab. You can keep up with my everyday looks by following me on Instagram!

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