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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

In line with my mission to showcase ways to break stigmas and encourage elevation, I wanted to talk to you all about shopping secondhand. Again. This time we're not just talking about shopping secondhand but shopping to make a difference at Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake.

When shopping, I ask myself:

"How does this purchase satisfy the 3Ps: price, practicality, purpose?"

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a practical consumer. I want my purchases to be priced affordably and practical. Big bonus if I know the brand has a purpose, emphasizing social and environmental responsibility. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely willing to splurge on retail items if it's a good fit for me, but as you all know, I source a lot of my clothing from vintage or secondhand stores shopping by the 3Ps.


Cue Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake. There are a few stigmas I'm working against in this post. First and foremost, I'm here to tell you that secondhand hand is not second best. I will say, my generation is working to rekindle thrift culture, and I'm ecstatic to see younger bloggers and style influencers showcasing looks styled with repurposed clothing. It helps emphasize aesthetics and personal style, not status.

If you ask me, all the best clothes are in secondhand stores, and I fully believe "one person's trash is another one person's treasure." Thrift stores allow clothes to find new lives in new closets. To ensure I'm selecting the best Items when shopping at Goodwill, I look for items that are 1) staple pieces or 2) translatable to the seasonal trends. I found both when creating this first look from pieces at Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake's Snowden River Retail Store in Columbia, MD.

For this look, I wanted to create a work look with personality. Following the approach I mentioned above, I first looked for staple pieces. I needed a black skirt (I'm not sure how I don't have one), and it's the first piece I found while shopping. Next up, I wanted a neutral top. As soon as I saw the polka dotted tank, I knew I wanted to play with patterns. The last piece I needed was something that was translatable to seasonal trends. That's when I found this blazer. I wanted to play on the trend of yellow for Fall, and the houndstooth was perfect to create a chic, yet powerful combination of patterns. I paired the pieces with a black pump with feminine bow detail to tie the whole look together.

Top, $4.99 // Skirt, $4.89 // Blazer, $6.00

Did you know:

Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake is headquartered here in Baltimore and is responsible for over 28 stores and 3 outlets in the Baltimore-area? Find the location nearest you to start shopping secondhand or donate your gently used clothes!


The second stigma I'm trying to break in this post is about PRICE. Cheap prices can still create expensive looks. Style on a budget can look just as good (if not better) than style off the rack. It's not about the price tag, it's about what you do with the pieces. The second look I created might be my favorite of the two - the two pieces together cost a whopping $10.48.

When styling this look, I knew I wanted neutrals so the items could be pieced out to be mixed and matched with my current closet. I'm a sucker for green, and I was immediately drawn to these wool, herringbone pants. The texture and structure screamed TAYLOR, and the high-waisted fit was perfect. These were a go. As I was looking for a top, I came across this tan and white ruffled, button up, a perfect balance of structured femininity. The two were a perfect match. I paired the pieces with vintage, hand-blown glass earrings, an antique wicker bag, and a pair of patterned heels perfect for Fall. Voila, a chic look for under $11.

Honestly, secondhand shopping is the height of personal style. You're not given endless possibilities in a range of sizes. You have to get creative with the pieces available to make a look that still holds true to your taste and personality.

Shirt (new with tags), $4.99 // Wool Pants, $5.49


Beyond price and style, consumers should also take time to think beyond the scope of their wallet and closet. Purchase from companies with purpose. At Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake, the Circle of Hope helps to outline the company's purpose. Alongside taking donations and recycling to reduce waist, profit from purchases are used to fund a diverse set of programming geared toward helping the Baltimore community. My $26 purchase helps 1) create new jobs at Goodwill 2) fund Job Training and Placement Programs 3) fund Community Support programs to non-profits.

"All revenue from our retail stores funds our job training and placement programs for those in need." -

For my non-profiters, see how Goodwill's Community Support programs can help you HERE.

For my business owners, see how Goodwill can help you find employees for your organization through their job placement programs!

For my Earth enthusiasts, check out the Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake's environmental impact through their total pounds of goods recycled! Find

PRO-TIPS for shopping at Goodwill:

  • Take advantage of weekly in-store promotions! Every week, a different "color" tag is on sale. Be sure to check the color when you walk in.

  • Saturday Spectacular sales. On the last Saturday of every month, the entire store is 50% off. Save $$ and look good doing it! Find this month's date HERE.

  • If you don't see a price, ASK. We also scored a mid-century side table for $5 because it wasn't labeled with a price. We asked, we scored!

Have you shopped at Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake? Did you know their purpose spreads beyond just re-selling clothes? I'm passionate about helping communities through action and intent, and I love that Goodwill is prioritizing sustainability while helping Baltimore find jobs and keep them!

If you feel inspired, comment on this post, share on Pinterest, send to a friend, and/or recreate it with your own personal flair. Don't forget to tag me! For more style inspiration, check out my previous looks under the STYLE tab and follow me on Pinterest! Keep up with my everyday looks by following me on Instagram.

Until next time,

This is a sponsored post by Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake. More secondhand looks can be found here. All styles, reviews, and opinions expressed in this post are my own!

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Kristi Stevens
Kristi Stevens
2019년 10월 09일

Wow! I can't believe the looks you put together and the prices you paid! Your style is so fun and is inspiring me to experiment more!


Vanessa Ulrich
2019년 10월 01일

You are such a magician at styling vintage pieces in a way that's fresh and modern too - love all these looks and will definitely be following your tips!


Colleen Shenk
Colleen Shenk
2019년 9월 22일

I love every piece you selected! Showcasing the benefits of secondhand is so cool and definitely something not a lot bloggers are doing (but should be!) Thanks for sharing Taylor!

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