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AT HOME: Anthropologie Sale Finds

Nothing makes you realize what you're missing at home quite like social isolation. Am I right, or am I right? Over the past three weeks, I've been making an "At Home" shopping list instead of making to-do lists and sending emails.

My remedy? Curate an At Home series!

I've been social distancing at my boyfriend's apartment, because I didn't want to be alone, in a big apartment building with more chances of exposure. Although this has been GREAT for my mental health, I'm finding myself completely unprepared. So, to fill the voids, I've been eyeing standing desks, second monitors, and some new jeans. Working from home is a new reality I wasn't totally prepared for - honestly, I just feel privileged to still get paid to learn new skills and get a paycheck every two weeks.

Although I've made this far (~3 weeks) without a ton of accessories, I find myself craving quirky home items to brighten up my days. And when I think of quirky, bright home items, I think Anthropologie. Let's just say James' place isn't as colorful as my apartment. Therefore, I wanted to share some affordable, quirky finds for at home. All on sale. Bright colors, practical purposes. I'm talking dishes, chairs, and journals, OH MY.


I know this is a short list, but I don't want to share any nonsense. These are all things I want to brighten up my days: colorful dishes, a new chair for my makeshift Home Office, a paper journal for my thoughts. And they're on sale.

My favorite items:

Lulie Wallace Jardiniere Tamsin Dining Chair

Izzie Bamboo Melamine Dinner Plates, Set of 4

Thea Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Waterfall Stemless Wine Glass

Matte Latte Serving Bowl

Adelaide Monogram Journal

If you’re in search of practical things to use (or participate in) during this time, check out My Isolation Essentials.

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Looking for home inspo? I have a whole At Home series with inspiration, finds, and reviews to curate a space worthy of social distancing! You can also follow my Home Pinterest board for more creative design ideas.

As always, you can keep up with my everyday looks, events, and adventures over on Instagram!

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