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Flashback to high school. I rocked my silver Pandora bracelet every day. I got new charms for Christmas, birthdays, the start of a new school year. My charms were representative of me, completely personalized to display all the things I experienced, loved, appreciated.

Flash forward to adulthood. Why did we stop doing that? Okay, maybe I just stopped doing that. High school is a transitional period for most. Our likes, dislikes, and social values are in flux, and as a result, we are prone to phases.

Recently, life came full circle, and I was fortunate enough to get an invite to A Charming Evening hosted by Pandora HQ! It was one of the best events of 2019, if I do say so myself. When I first moved to Baltimore, I was surprised to learn that Pandora was headquartered in Baltimore. After experiencing the charm of, however, it made sense that a company known for its charms would call Charm City home!

At 26, I've reached a new stage in my life where I appreciate evenings filled with food and catching up with friends over countless drinks at crowded bars. I'm lucky to call the beautiful ladies of Baltimore my friends, some of who have become like family. By pulling out all the stops for this event, Pandora showed guests they also value quality.

Pandora was generous enough to provide us with a bracelet and a dainty necklace for us to customize. We picked out our own charms to create new memories; and I loved seeing my friends' Instagram feeds come to life on their wrists.

For my bracelet, I selected camera and united-regal hearts charms with tasteful spacers. I've moved into a space where photographer and photos play a large role in my daily life. Additionally, I'm in a new space with my relationship with James, and I wanted to show how much I value his love through the United Regal Hearts charm. For my necklace, I selected a dangling champagne bottle charm. I'm calling it my party necklace, lol. I consider both parts of a wearable scrapbook, capturing moments throughout of my late 20s.


If you're looking to style some of your own PANDORA pieces,

you can check out pieces from their new collections HERE.

Besides a Pandora bracelet, do you have items that are personalized? Customized? Hold special memories? I still have my old Pandora bracelet and cherish it dearly, as it reflects a period/time in my life. I would love to hear about your items in the comments!

Looking for more style inspiration? Be sure to check out looks featured on my Instagram, FREQUENTLY WORN items, and WISHLISTS. As always, you can keep up with my everyday looks and adventures over on Instagram!

Until next time, keep making (and wearing) memories!


A special thank you to the friendly faces of Pandora HQ who provided us warm welcomes and these lovely pieces of jewelry. Moments captured by Lindsay Solomon Photos, @lsolomonphoto.


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Laleh Aslani
Laleh Aslani
26 jun 2019

Looked like an amazing event!! I'm so sad I missed it. I love the charms you picked out and the meaning behind it!!

Me gusta

Colleen Shenk
Colleen Shenk
25 jun 2019

I was so sad I had to miss out on this event, it looked incredible! I loved hearing the meaning behind the charms you picked. I definitely had a charm bracelet all through high school and also can't remember when I stopped wearing it! #BringBackCharmBracelets

Me gusta
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