• taylor


I traveled to Rhode Island in October for a quick 24 hour getaway. One of my old co-workers was getting married in the small state, and although I had a Molecular Biology and Genomics midterm on Monday, I decided to make the trip anyway (using it as an excuse to study in a new environment!)

In true Taylor fashion, despite the stress, I made the most of my day in New England by exploring streets of Providence and a couple surrounding coffee shops. To my surprise, the flight from BWI to PVD was just over an hour. A real quick up-and-down flight via my friends at Southwest Airlines. After landing around 8:30AM, I headed into Providence for a day of adventure (and studying!) before the wedding at Aldrich Mansion.

The view from Aldrich Mansion.

I had a great time wandering around Providence taking in the culture; the city had a very artistic and academic vibe. Probably due to the fact that RISD and Brown University call the city home. Nonetheless, I loved the quaint culture of the city, the history of the buildings, and pedestrian friendly vibes.

If you're heading to Providence, even for a short time, suggest checking out:

  • The Shop - Fox Point. Their breads take the prize; and although they do have avocado toast, I suggest the chickpea salad.

  • Bolt Coffee - RISD Museum. They've got one of the most creative coffee menus I've ever seen. A great spot for brunch, complete with an espresso and tonic.

  • The Providence Athenaeum. Beyond its architectural beauty, the Providence Athenaeum is a book-lovers oasis. The 19th Century library is still used today (and reminds me of a smaller version of Baltimore's own Peabody Library.) I snuck in to rest my feet and wanted to stay for hours.

On the list for my next visit:

Of course, I had to grab a Dunkin' iced coffee on my way out of New England. And in an hour, I was back in Baltimore. And in another hour, I was at the School of Medicine studying for my midterm. Grad school won't limit my adventures, completely.

Until next time, keep exploring!